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RR 041: Jim Murphy from Elite Worldwide

RR 040: Roger Lanctot from Strategy Analytics

RR 039: Bill Nalu from Interstate Auto Care

RR 038: Kathleen Schmatz from the Auto Care Association

RR 037: Bill Moss from EuroService Automotive

RR 036: Peter Meier from Motor Age

RR 035: Jerry Kezhaya from The Auto Shop

RR 034: NACE-CARS 2015

RR 033: Donny Seyfer from Seyfer Automotive

RR 032: Malcolm Sissmore on Telematics

RR 031: Todd Holiday from Winchester Tire

RR 030: Donny Seyfer Chairman ASA

RR 029: Andy Massoll from Curt’s Service

RR 028: Leigh Anne Best from Brakes For Breasts

RR 027: Bogi Lateiner from 180º Automotive

RR 026: Craig Clark from Alfred State College

RR 025: Frank Butkus-Leutz from Desert Car Care

RR 024: Jill Trotta from Repair Pal

RR 023: Maryann Croce from Croce’s Transmissions

RR 022: Amy Mattinat from CCC Women’s Board

RR 021: Bill Hill from Mighty Auto Pro

RR 020: Michael Haeg from Century Interactive

RR 019: Greg Buckley from Buckley’s Auto Care

RR 018: Michael Rukov, YANG

RR 017: Dave Serio from Vehicle Service Plus

RR 016: Dave Striegel on NAPA Conference

RR 015: Judy Walter from Zimmerman’s Automotive

RR 014: Matthew Roayaee from Auto Check-Cypress Station

RR 013: Amy Mattinat from Auto Craftsmen

RR 012: Joe Marconi from Osceola Garage – Part 2

RR 011: Joe Marconi from Osceola Garage – Part 1

RR 010: Doug Whiteman from George’s Sierra Shell-Part 2

RR 009: Doug Whiteman from George’s Sierra Shell-Part 1

RR 008: Diane Larson from Larson’s Service

RR 007: Gene Morrill-Part 2 Certified Automotive

RR 006: Gene Morrill- Part 1 Certified Automotive

RR 005: Clint Dudley from Shade Tree Auto

RR 004: Dynamic Automotive Part 3

RR 003: Dynamic Automotive Part 2

RR 002: Dynamic Automotive Part 1

RR 001: Dave Striegel from Elizabeth Auto Care

RR 000: Overview & Purpose of Remarkable Results Podcast