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RR 097: Jeff Ruffing from Ruffing Automotive Services

Mar 8, 2016

Share this…Can you relate to this: Jeff Ruffing from Ruffing Automotive in Kaukauna, WI, yes a Packers fan, started washing cars at a Buick dealership in 1985. Later that year he was asked to bring his tools in when a technician was injured. When he started his own shop he got into business with ‘’training wheels”…

RR 096: Jeff Peevy of AMI on Creating A Learning Culture

Mar 4, 2016

Share this… Meet Jeff Peevy, President of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI), a 34-year industry veteran who has spent the past 20 years involved with education and research. Jeff discusses and drives home an important strategy on ‘Building A Learning Culture’ in your business. This episode can be distilled down to four words: Let’s Go…

RR 095: Tim Davison from Chumbley’s Auto Care

Mar 1, 2016

Share this… Meet third generation owner, Tim Davison from Chumbley’s Auto Care in Indianola, IA. Chumbley’s got it roots as a service station over 59 years ago. Tim Davison talks about those roots and how it has led to the very personal business it is today. Tim’s been in the industry for 35 years and 17…

Mike Davidson

RR 094: Mike Davidson from American Skilled Labor Association

Feb 26, 2016

Share this… It is the mission of ASLA (American Skilled Labor Association) to provide a suitable employee to the American Workforce. Lead by Mike Davidson, service professional entrepreneur and shop owner of Parkway Automotive in Little Rock, AR, Mike says, “We will do this by providing businesses with a clear path for mentors and locating…

RR 093: Technician Mentor/Apprentice

Feb 24, 2016

Share this… Prepare yourself for a very powerful discussion on growing your own technicians. In light of the technician shortage, this episode shows a pathway to build your own bench. Get a ton of great ideas and resources to help you stem the technician shortage. There are two ways to enjoy this round table discussion. You…

RR 092: Ryan Clo from Dubwerx in Cincinnati, OH

Feb 23, 2016

Share this… Ryan Clo from Dubwerx in Cincinnati, OH is an eighteen-year veteran in the Automotive Service industry. He currently owns two specialized automotive service locations. Ryan grew his enterprise from a single customer into a multi-location profitable business with 12 employees, that includes 6 technicians with a 99% customer satisfaction, and he has automated…

RR 091: Womens Board Winter 2016 Meeting – Compilation

Feb 19, 2016

Share this… You are about to experience a first for the podcast. I went on the road to Orlando to the Car Care Council’s Women’s Board Winter meeting. Going to a conference is not the earth shattering news. Bringing my recording equipment was. This episode is a compilation of short interviews done in Orlando in…

RR 090: Technician Training Round-Table Part 2

Feb 17, 2016

Share this… In a continuing series on Technician training welcome to part two of a Face To Face Video Podcast. Professional automotive trainers G Jerry Truglia from ATTS, Pete Meier from Motor Age and Pierre Respaut in a great dialogue about technician training. See their bios below. There are two ways to enjoy this round table…

RR 089: Larry Moore from Larry’s Auto Works

Feb 16, 2016

Share this… Larry Moore is the President of Larry’s Auto Works, a family owned automotive service and repair center located in Mountain View California since 1972.  Larry and his wife of 49 years, Laurie lead the team at their 11,500 square foot shop with 15 bays. They employ 4.5 technicians a shop manager, service adviser,…

RR 087: Tom Palermo from Preferred Automotive Specialists

Feb 9, 2016

Share this… Tom Palermo from Preferred Automotive Specialists, Philadelphia, PA, was honored as the NAPA ASE Technician of the year 2015. What a humble and enthusiastic entrepreneur; he’s firmly engaged in the 40 plus-year-old family business that his dad Joe started, back in the day. Preferred Automotive Specialties employs seven technicians in six bays with…

RR 086: Cecil Bullard from Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Feb 7, 2016

Share this… Cecil Bullard, President of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence shares this thoughts and lessons on the success of the service professional. He is very passionate about the success of the service professional and shares some important strategies for growth and profitability. Why Listen? You will hear Cecil talk about: Six KPI (Key…

RR 085: Brian Bowersock of West Automotive Group

Feb 2, 2016

Share this… Meet Brian Bowersock of West Automotive Group of Escondido, CA. Brian is a twenty eight year industry veteran who is an ASE Master Tech A1-A9, L1, C1, P2. His shop is also ASE Blue Seal Certified. Brian’s two facilities have a combined 29 bays with 24 lifts, and 11 technicians. He’s a member…

RR 084: Sheri Hamilton from ASA-Midwest

Jan 29, 2016

Share this… ASA Midwest Executive Director Sheri Hamilton does not only lead the shop owners in six Midwestern states, she is also the Conference Manager of VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo. And who hasn’t heard of VISION. VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo 2016 will be a sell out. Why Listen? Learn a little history of the…

RR 083: Behind Scenes of Connect Car: Part 2 – What did we learn from CES 2016?

Jan 26, 2016

Share this… To say you are in for a deep and powerful discussion about the connect car is an understatement. This PART 2 not just a sequel but a new and exciting dialog as a result of the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Your panel consists of four very ‘connected’ individuals as it related to the connected…

RR 082: Joe Miles from Kaiser Tire & Auto

Jan 26, 2016

Share this… Joe Miles owner of Kaiser Tire and Auto Service Center in Louisville, KY along with his wife Julie purchased this legacy business on April 1, 2015. (April fool’s day)  That makes for an interesting story. He is no stranger to the industry however as a new business owner Joe shares how his decision came…

RR 081: Jody DeVere from Ask

Jan 22, 2016

Share this… Jody DeVere, CEO of Ask works with automotive retail locations to become Certified Female Friendly, learning how to create a culture and experience that attracts and retains loyal women customers. Jody DeVere is a internationally recognized speaker, trainer, often quoted industry pundit and spokesperson for the automotive industry on the women’s market.…

RR 080: Michael Morgan from Frost Transmission

Jan 19, 2016

Share this… Enjoy an easy going episode with Michael Morgan of Frost Transmissions in Rainbow City Alabama. It is so rare that 3rd generation business get as far as Frost Transmissions. You’ll understand how when you hear Michael’s story. This humble guy has built a great team and shares great wisdom on his journey to…

RR 079: Shari Pheasant – Former COO Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Jan 15, 2016

Share this… Shari Pheasant is owner with her husband of a professional repair shop in Sparks, NV and the COO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, and also the founder of Horse Power Strategies. You may recall Shari Pheasant with us in an earlier episode, #68 where we talked about her unique equine leadership…

RR 078: Behind the Scenes on the Connected Car Part 1

Jan 12, 2016

Share this… To say you are in for a deep and powerful discussion about the connect car is an understatement. Your panel consists of four very ‘connected’ individuals as it related to the connected car. With vehicle technology a big part of the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2016, it demonstrates the importance and value…

RR 077: Jeff Peevy of AMI

Jan 8, 2016

Share this… Meet Jeff Peevy, President of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI), a 34-year industry veteran who has spent the past 20 years involved with education and research. Why Listen?  Jeff discus’s the important role knowledge and learning plays in your organization’s future and why a learning culture is so important. He shares with you…

RR 076: Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand

Jan 5, 2016

Share this… Skateboarding legend Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand owns German Car Depot in Hollywood, FL. His career path to entrepreneur shop owner has taken on a very some very interesting turns. From Skateboarding legend to auto cross state champion to repair shop owner Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand has a great story and he is not bashful to…

RR 075: Brian Cruickshank from University of the Aftermarket

Jan 1, 2016

Share this… Brian Cruickshank’s 22-year aftermarket career has been spent primarily in communications, marketing and higher education. He served for 15 years as a journalist and editor at Babcox Media where he covered virtually every level of the motor vehicle aftermarket. His most recent media assignment was Editor-in-Chief of Counterman Magazine where he covered traditional…

RR 074: Catering to the Female Customer

Dec 29, 2015

Share this… Why Listen? Did you always want to know what it takes to create a women friendly repair shop? What kind of amenities? Do women car care clinic bring value? Is the bar higher for women? Heavy talk that customer service to women needs the same respect that you give men. We discussed service…

RR 073: Charitable Initiatives in the Automotive Aftermarket

Dec 22, 2015

Share this… Watch the replay below or listen to the audio only podcast when you are traveling, commuting or when you can’t be in front of a screen. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and of course listen below. Charity starts at home. Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Initiatives peer discussion. Here’s what’s in store: How…

RR 072: Tony Molla on the 21st Century Repair Shop

Dec 18, 2015

Share this… Tony Molla, Vice President of ASA, The Automotive Service Association and I hand a frank discussion on ‘The 21st Century Repair Shop’. You will take-a-way a perspective on the: Need for a learning culture Impact of technology Need for owners to be involved in the industry, to network and to be involved in…

RR 071: Chris Price from Saratoga Shell

Dec 15, 2015

Share this… Chris Price from Saratoga Shell in San Jose, CA is just a stone’s throw from Apple Headquarters. He says that the medium income in the market is $350,000 and houses start at $2.5 Million. Only a handful of markets in the country can boast those stats. Chris is a 25 year industry veteran…

RR 070: G Jerry Truglia with ATTS

Dec 11, 2015

Share this… G Jerry Truglia is well known for his automotive training through his company ATTS: Automotive Technician Training Services, where he covers topics ranging from hybrid vehicles, electricity, to Heavy Duty Truck repair. G is also a very proud founding member of the non-for profit Technician Service Training group (TST).  TST is a 501(c)(3) educational…

RR 069: E-Myth: Working ON your business and not IN it.

Dec 8, 2015

Share this… Michael Gerber’s E-myth is a very powerful book that serves up the Entrepreneurial Myth. It is a must read book for all entrepreneurs. I won’t serve up the premise of the book now because I do it in the beginning of the episode. This is a must watch or listen to episode and…

RR 068: Shari Pheasant from Horse Power Strategies

Dec 4, 2015

Share this… Shari Pheasant is owner with her husband of a professional repair shop in Reno, NV and the COO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, and also the founder of Horse Power Strategies. This episode brings a focus to Shari’s passion for and focus on personal growth and professional development through equine based…

RR 067: Joe Valind from Auto Safety Center

Dec 1, 2015

Share this… As a high school senior Joe got his first automotive mechanic job in September 1995 through his high school co-op program. As the Lord’s providence would have it, the placement was with Roger Berth at the Auto Safety Center. (The shop he owns today)  In January 1996 Joe graduated from West Bend East…

RR 066: Tony Molla from the Automotive Service Association (ASA)

Nov 27, 2015

Share this… Industry veteran Tony Molla, Vice President of ASA (Automotive Service Association) brings an enlightening discussion to the Remarkable Results Podcast tribe. Tony has over 35 years’ experience in the automotive service industry and has held positions at all levels, including technician, service manager, parts store manager, new car sales and automotive technical editor…

RR 065: Darrell Marx from Darrell’s Firestone

Nov 24, 2015

Share this… Darrell Marx from Darrell’s Firestone from Farmington, MI joined the family business at 12 … not uncommon for most families to engage the children at an early age. At 16 he was certified in auto repair and began his career repairing cars. He bought his Firestone stores in 1999 and 2000 and his…

RR 064: BJ Lee from Institute of Automotive Business Excellence

Nov 20, 2015

Share this… B. J. Lee is a business coach, consultant and VP of Client Services at the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. A great episode with a smart guy who has all the battle scars to prove his wisdom. Throughout the years, B. J. has managed, owned or partnered in several repair shops and has…

RR 063: Value of a Business Coach

Nov 17, 2015

Share this… Business coaching is a hot subject and one that my guests know a lot about; they share their reasons for engaging a business coach and honestly and intimately tell how it has changed their lives and business. Two of my guests have done or are doing coaching for other shop owners.  An enormous…

RR 062: Tom Ham of Automotive Management Network

Nov 13, 2015

Tom Ham, with the help of his wife Deb, is the creator and owner of Automotive Management Network an 12,000 plus member website that is the largest information center for vehicle service facility owners and managers. 

Tom got his start in the auto service industry pumping gas in the late 60’s. Tom and Deb operate Auto Centric, an import specialty shop in Grand Rapids. Tom and Deb have five children including two sons and a daughter who served in the Iraq War as U.S. Marines. He writes extensively on industry topics. Tom’s previous episodes HERE.

RR 061: Keith Katz from Quality Service Center

Nov 10, 2015

Share this… Keith Katz is owner of Quality Service Center in York, PA for the last seventeen years and an industry veteran of thirty-four years. His 7 bay shop has 6 lifts and supports 3 technicians with one service advisor. He is involved with the NAPA Advisory Board and supports the Bridge of Hope organization…

RR 060: Greg Buckley from Buckley’s Car Care

Nov 6, 2015

Share this… Greg Buckley from Buckley Auto Care in Wilmington, DE has been a previous guest and did an entrepreneur interview back in episode 19. A classic … don’t miss it. After hooking up with Greg in Detroit in summer 2015 at NACE/CARS and attended two seminars he was teaching, I knew that we needed…

RR 059: Technician Training Best Practices -Roundtable

Nov 3, 2015

Share this… Watch the replay or listen to the audio only podcast. Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio and of course listen below. Welcome to Episode 60 a rebroadcast of a Face To Face Video Podcast using the BLAB platform for Live Video Conversations. We had a lively discussion on technician training best…

RR 058: Robert Redding from ASA

Oct 30, 2015

Share this… Bob Redding, ASA Legislative Representative goes ON-POINT with an eye opening discussion on the 2nd annual Safety Inspection Forum at the Hunter Engineering Center in St. Louis this year on December 2nd, 2015 … Noon till 4PM. ASA is a co-host again this year with ASA Midwest and the Missouri Alliance of Automotive…

RR 057: John Passante discussing the Women’s Board Book on Leadership

Oct 23, 2015

Share this… Dr. John Passante is an important contributor in an important, never been done before, industry project that will be introduced at AAPEX 2015. It’s a new book highlighting the success stories of some of today’s leading female aftermarket professionals and it will be unveiled at AAPEX 2015. The book, “A Woman’s Perspective on…

RR 056: Multi-Shop Ownership: Opportunities & Challenges

Oct 20, 2015

Share this… Jose Bueso is partner in Dynamic Automotive in the Maryland Washing DC area. Along with partners Dwayne Myers and Lee Foreman they’ve have three locations, been a Motor Age top shop in 2014 is involved with the Auto Care Association, Car Care Professional Network. This partnership team was just recognized with a ‘Head…

RR 055: Louis Efron from Telsa

Oct 16, 2015

Share this… Louis Efron is this year’s keynote speaker at the AAPEX General Session on Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM, in the Palazzo Ballroom at The Venetian. The event is open to all AAPEX and AAIW attendees and there is no fee to attend. Louis Efron, currently at Tesla Motors, is…

RR 054: Social Media Best Practices

Oct 13, 2015

Share this…    Greg Buckley of Buckley Auto Care says it was a thrill working alongside his dad, when he was eight years old, helping with his brother to build the 49 year legacy business. He is a busy man being a member of ASA, an ATI Coach, and is Car Seat Certified and is…

RR 053: Danny Sanchez from Autoshop Solutions

Oct 9, 2015

Share this… Danny Sanchez is owner and founder, of Autoshop Solutions and grew up spending countless hours working around his dad’s auto repair shop in California, eventually taking over and running the business himself. Autoshop Solutions started in 1998, when Danny founded Auto Web Solutions. The Internet was starting to take off, and Danny took…

Mike Davidson

RR 052: Mike Davidson from Parkway Automotive

Oct 6, 2015

Share this… Mike Davidson from Parkway Automotive in Little Rock, Arkansas, been in the industry for 31 years and a business owner for 18. His team includes 6 techs who support eight lifts and seven bays with a shop foreman, two service advisers and an estimator. He’s on track to do $1.7 million this year.…

Are You Setting Your Employees Up To Fail? [FTR 095]

Jul 19, 2024

By setting realistic expectations, providing necessary support and training, fostering a positive work environment, and maintaining transparency and honesty, business owners can create a more productive and harmonious workplace. Implementing these actionable tips from Kevin Eckler can help reduce turnover, improve employee satisfaction, and ultimately lead to a more successful business.

How Can Technicians Make a Personal Commitment to Training and Improvement? [FTR 094]

Jul 12, 2024

Bill Weaver from NAPA Autotech discusses the vital role of personal commitment to training for automotive technicians. He shares his experiences and emphasizes the importance of continuous education, mentorship, and self-education. Weaver highlights the need for technicians to invest time in training through various platforms and stresses the significance of applying acquired knowledge in the workplace.

The Tomorrow You’re Dreaming Of Is Created Today [FTR093]

Jul 5, 2024

Rick White discusses the concept of future tripping, which involves focusing on negative possibilities in the future, and reverse future tripping, which entails dwelling on the past. He emphasizes the importance of staying present, learning from past experiences, and planning for the future while taking actionable steps in the present. Rick offers practical advice on maintaining focus and momentum by asking, “What’s real?” and “What’s the next best thing to do?”

Here Is What I’m Doing For In House Training [FTR 092]

Jun 28, 2024

Tom Petty discusses the critical importance of technical training in the automotive industry. By addressing the skills gap, developing young talent, investing in continuous training, and embracing technological advancements, the industry can ensure a skilled and competent workforce ready to tackle the challenges of modern automotive technology.

Stop Quoting Price Over the Phone – Maylan Newton [FTR 091]

Mar 30, 2020

Share this… Maylan Newton from ESI – Educational Seminars Institute is a business coach, trainer and industry speaker. Maylan is no stranger to the podcast having paid it forward many times. He is a much sought our speaker at industry events in the US. Find Maylan’s previous episodes HERE. “He is ‘just a car guy’…

Financial struggles. Gain Control of your Finances [FTR 090]

Mar 26, 2020

Share this… With me is Maryann Croce from She and her husband Tony also own Croce Transmission in Norwalk, CT. As a business owner, she can chalk up many a mistake that has turned into wisdom. She has been there and done that and shares 5 key principles to help a startup business person get ahead…

Cecil Bullard – Parts Pricing in the Age of Online Parts Sellers [FTR 089]

Mar 16, 2020

Share this… Cecil Bullard is President of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. He is a trainer and business coach in the automotive aftermarket working closely with service professionals. Previous episodes featuring or mentioning Cecil, click HERE. Institute for Automotive Business Excellence website.   Talking Points: Re-thinking parts margins based on pricing transparency from online parts sellers He…

Shops Putting Others Down. WHY? – Tom Palermo [FTR 088]

Mar 9, 2020

Share this… Tom Palermo is General Manager of Preferred Automotive Specialties in Jenkintown, PA. Tom is a world class Master Technician and a Certified ASE Advanced Level Technician, is certified from ASE including Master Auto, MasterTruck, Master Truck Equipment, Master School Bus, Master Collision, Master Transit Bus, L1, L2, C1, X1, P2, F1 Besides the 2015…

Kevin Lekas – ASE Renewal APP – Certification Without Expiration [FTR 087]

Mar 2, 2020

Share this… Kevin Lekas is the Project Manager for Special Testing Programs at ASE. Kevin’s previous episodes HERE. Key Talking Points: myASE renewal app is now branded ASE Renewal APP One year in development and testingThere are about 2,000 techs already involved and another 4,000 ready to get on board Certify without going to…

Kim Aurenheimer – Fall In Love With Your Business, Again [FTR 086]

Feb 24, 2020

Share this… Kim Auernheimer, AAM is the Co-Owner & Business Manager of CS Automotive in Brentwood, Tennessee. CS Automotive was opened in October of 2006 in the back of a warehouse and now they call a 6,400 square foot, 10-bay shop home. Prior to joining her husband Rob in the business on a full-time basis, Kim had…

Bob Greenwood on Billed Hours Per RO [FTR 085]

Feb 17, 2020

Share this… Bob Greenwood, AMAM (Accredited Master Automotive Manager) is President and C.E.O. of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. (AAEC). AAEC is a company focused on providing Business Management Resources and Development for the Independent Sector of the aftermarket industry. AAEC content and technology is recognized as part of the curriculum of the Fixed Operations Diploma…

Ben Johnson – The Power of WHY [FTR 084]

Feb 10, 2020

Share this… Ben Johnson, Director, Project Management, Mitchell 1 Key Talking Points: Some companies challenges is its own success Business start with a vision and a why Over time we tend to not focus on your why but our what If you look at your competition and feel you have to duplicate or mimic what…

Jerry Holcom – Banking on Our Future – TTEF Scholarships [FTR 083]

Feb 3, 2020

Share this… With nearly 50 years’ experience in the automotive field, Jerry Holcom is an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician with the Advanced Engine Performance (L1) certification, a former Certified Master Machinist, and is also an Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) through the Automotive Management Institute. Jerry Holcom owns S & S Service Center in Kansas City, MO, is…

Steve Finzel – Too Many Fluids [FTR 082]

Jan 27, 2020

Share this… Steve Finzel, Finzel’s Master Tech, Terre Haute, IN is not a happy camper as it relates to transmission fluid. You may just relate to his rant or maybe even offer some advice. Listen to the frustration Steve has over transmission fluids. Find Steve’s previous episodes HERE. Talking Points So many transmission fluids Low…

Brian Sump – Never Let Your Foot Off The Pedal [FTR 081]

Jan 19, 2020

Share this… FTR 081 Brian Sump – Never Let Your Foot Off The Pedal Multi-shop operator Brian Sump from Avalon Motorsports and Ubran AutoCare brings a whole lot of passion to this episode as he shares some self-reflection on a rocky time he experienced and what he learned. He says that you’ve got to review…

Matt Fanslow – Helping Local Shops [FTR 080]

Jan 13, 2020

Share this… Matt Fanslow is the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN. His primary responsibilities are to diagnose driveability and electrical/electronic issues, and perform most all programming, coding, initializing, adoptions, etc. Basically, if it needs to be figured out or has wires, it goes to Matt. He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt…

Andy Bizub – Too Many Are Quick To Trash Each Other Based On Emotions And Not Facts [FTR 079]

Jan 6, 2020

Share this… Andy Bizub from Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago is also a native of Chicago. His first career was 25 years as a commodity trader. He entered the professional auto industry in 2014 by acquiring a failing shop in downtown Chicago that he was a customer of and started a turnaround. Andy now has two…

Carm Capriotto – 2020 – The Year You DO! [FTR 078]

Dec 30, 2019

Share this… Carm Capriotto, AAP, is a career automotive aftermarket professional. He hosts and produces the automotive aftermarket’s premier podcasts. They include Remarkable Results Radio, the Town Hall Academy and For The Record. Carm is an influencer and connector of people and speaks to the industry about what he learns each day from the essential…

Matt Fanslow – Kobayashi Maru – Lessons From Star Trek [FTR 77]

Dec 23, 2019

Share this… Matt Fanslow is the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN. His primary responsibilities are to diagnose driveability and electrical/electronic issues, and perform most all programming, coding, initializing, adoptions, etc. Basically, if it needs to be figured out or has wires, it goes to Matt. He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt…

FTR 076: Josh McFarlin – Dream Big – You’ll be surprised Where a Career in the Automotive Will Take You

Dec 16, 2019

FTR 076 Dream Big – You’ll be surprised Where a Career in the Automotive Will Take You

FTR 075: Bill Hill – Yearly Bonus is All About a Commitment to Training

Dec 9, 2019

FTR 075 Bill Hill – Yearly Bonus is All About a Commitment to Training

FTR 074: Deb Van Batenburg – Fix The Things You Tolerate

Dec 2, 2019

FTR 074: Deb Van Batenburg – Fix The Things You Tolerate

FTR 073: Bob Heipp – Stop Enabling the 80% Who Are Not Committed to Training

Nov 25, 2019

FTR 073 Bob Heipp – Stop Enabling the 80% Who Are Not Committed to Training

FTR 072: Bill Haas – Are You Aware What the Dealerships are Doing to Compete with the Independent

Nov 18, 2019

FTR 072 Bill Haas – Are You Aware What the Dealerships are Doing to Compete with the Independent

FTR 071: Mike Davidson – Wage and Hour Laws – Don’t Ignore This

Nov 11, 2019

FTR 071 Mike Davidson – Wage and Hour Laws – Don’t Ignore This

FTR 070 Tim Dwyer – Why You Need to be Involved in Skills USA or Canada

Nov 4, 2019

FTR 070 Tim Dwyer – Why You Need to be Involved in Skills USA or Canada

FTR 069: Matt Fanslow on Diet and Exercise – Not Necessarily a High Priority for Aftermarket Pros

Oct 28, 2019

FTR 069 Matt Fanslow on Diet and Exercise – Not Necessarily a High Priority for Aftermarket Pros

FTR 068: Ron Ipach – Close Your Shop and Go Get a Job

Oct 21, 2019

FTR 068 Ron Ipach – Close Your Shop and Go Get a Job

FTR 067: Rick White – Change Your Life and Your Business

Oct 14, 2019

FTR 067 Rick White – Change Your Life and Your Business – Get To Training

FTR 066: Carm Capriotto – Struggling Shops and The Rule of Holes

Oct 7, 2019

FTR 066 Carm Capriotto – Struggling Shops and The Rule of Holes

FTR 065: Bill Haas – Never Let a Third Party Influence Your Profit Structure

Sep 30, 2019

FTR 065 Bill Haas – Never Let a Third Party Influence Your Profit Structure

FTR 064: Mike Davidson – Where to Find Apprentices for Your Shop

Sep 23, 2019

FTR 064 Mike Davidson – An Idea on Where to Find Apprentices for Your Shop

FTR 063: Matt Fanslow – What The Aftermarket Can Learn From Reality TV Business Shows

Sep 16, 2019

FTR 063 Matt Fanslow – What The Aftermarket Can Learn From Reality Tv Business Shows. Have you ever watched a reality Business TV show and related to the owner who was on the hot

FTR 062: Rena Rennebohm – Stop Hiring Me To Fix Your Business From the Front Counter

Sep 9, 2019

FTR 062 Rena Rennebohm -Stop Hiring Me To Fix Your Business From the Front Counter

FTR 061: Bill Haas – Let’s Not Make The Same Mistake We Made With R12 With Ownership Of Data? Let’s Re-think This.

Sep 2, 2019

FTR 061 Bill Haas – Let’s Not Make The Same Mistake We Made With R12 With Ownership Of Data? Let’s Re-thinkThis.

FTR 060: Jeff Rudnick – Are Cooperatives in Our Future

Aug 26, 2019

FTR 060 Jeff Rudnick are Cooperatives in Our Future.
Consider economies of scale to save money and own your brand and control your marketing.

FTR 059: Greg Buckley on LYFT

Aug 19, 2019

Greg Buckley on Lyft

Greg Buckley posted a video he did when he visited a LYFT Service Center in Philadelphia and shared his observations. No doubt this business model from LYFT is a disruptor and what can we learn from it and what should you know.

FTR 058: Tomi Oliva – Would You Work For You?

Aug 12, 2019

FTR 058 Tomi Oliva- Would You Work For You?

Tomi Oliva from San Jose Automotive Center in Chicago reminds us how important morale and work environment is. He reminds you that it is the little things that matter.

FTR 057: Carm Capriotto – Get Involved In This National Cancer Research Program – Brakes For Breasts

Aug 5, 2019

FTR 057: Carm Capriotto – Get Involved In This National Cancer Research Program

I’ve got a big ask for you. In the next few minutes, I’m going to set up a compelling reason to get involved with the Brakes for Breasts national program. This is a strong program that is nearing the $1M donation milestone. I feel it may happen soon. This year could be the year B4B hits this huge goal.

My respect and admiration for Laura Frank and Leigh Anne Best, who started brakes for breasts with a hand full of shops in the state of Ohio. Two lady service professionals have created a jewel of a program that continues to grow in support and influence in the industry. The program is Brakes For Breasts and it happens every October. Laura and Leigh Anne are independent service professionals and therefore know your business and can relate to the value Brakes For Breasts can bring to your business and for cancer research.

Total donated to Dr. Vincent Touhy at the Cleveland Clinic for his research on a Breast Cancer Vaccine is $747,771, since 2011. The $1M milestone is not too far away and to get there, your help is needed. is where you can sign up.

FTR 056: Justin Barrett – Hard Talk on Areas of Improvement for Independents

Jul 29, 2019

Justin Barrett – Hard Talk on Areas of Improvement for Independents

Justin Barrett, owner and operator of Barrett Automotive, Cornelia, GA sees areas that need improvement for independent service operators.

Justin Barrett will hit a few nerves as he asks you to take a look at your facility through the lens of the customer. And if you are not requiring 80 hours of training for your people, according to Justin, you are not keeping pace. He’ll also tell you why and how he closes and takes his team to train at venues like Vision in Kansas City.

FTR 055: Matt Fanslow – We Should Take The Same Skill Set For Automotive Diagnostics And Apply It To KPI Management

Jul 22, 2019

FTR 055 Matt Fanslow – We Should Take The Same Skill Set For Automotive Diagnostics And Apply It To KPI Management

Matt Fanslow has an interesting view of analyzing KPIs. He says if your a shop owner that started as a tech, you have the foundation to take what you know about diagnostics and apply it to improve your business.

FTR 054: Roy Schnepper – ASA Behind the Scenes

Jul 15, 2019

ASA Behind the Scenes. Roy Schnepper from Butlers Collision, Roseville, MI and outgoing chairman and I caught up at the annual ASA Member meeting in Dallas, TX. Find out who the new chairman is and where the Technology and Telematics Forum will be held this year.

FTR 053: Judi Haglin – Do You Know The Exact Source of Your Marketing Efforts?

Jul 8, 2019

Do You Know The Exact Source of Your Marketing Efforts?

Judi Haglin from Haglin Automotive has a passion for numbers and marketing. She has a chance to set up why you need to track your marketing efforts and determine which give you the greatest return. She has a few great ideas on how to do it and why tracking and the numbers has helped her marketing investment pay dividends for her.

FTR 052: Build Your Bench – Kyle Holt and Jay Goninen

Jul 1, 2019

Build Your Bench – and Be a Proactive Recruiter.

Kyle Holt President of SP/2 and Jay Goninen from ‘Find a Wrench’ speak to their expertise as supporters and recruiters of technician talent. They have the depth of experience and are speaking to you from their heart about your need to recruit talent when you don’t need the help. They will tell you why.

FTR 051: Jerry Holcom – Where is Your Personal Commitment & Professionalism

Jun 24, 2019

FTR 051: Jerry Holcom – Where is Your Personal Commitment & Professionalism

Jerry Holcom from S & S Service Center in Kansas City, MO is a co-founder of Vision and current President of the Midwest Auto Care Alliance wrote in his latest presidents message about his concern for commitment and professionalism

FTR 050: What the Aftermarket Can Learn from Professional Wrestling – Matt Fanslow

Jun 17, 2019

FTR 050: What the Aftermarket Can Learn from Professional Wrestling

Matt Fanslow threads a concept that we can learn from the way professional wrestling promotes themselves. Matt makes a strong point comparing the promotion of professional wrestlers to aftermarket shops. Matt likes to look outside the industry to learn and see new things. A stretch in thinking, I don’t think so. I know one thing, this rant will make you think.

FTR 049: Tom Lambert – Discount Model Marketing

Jun 10, 2019

Tom Lambert shares his passion for his style of marketing, charging what he is worth and his three-legged stool strategy.

FTR 048: Amy Mattinat – Our Technicians Are Car Doctors

Jun 3, 2019

Our Technicians Are Car Doctors

Amy Mattinat delivers her impassioned perspective on the value and benefits of ASE. It may be time for you to understand why you support ASE and if you don’t, to understand why you must. If there was ever a time to embrace ASE it is now. The high tech world of the automotive creates the need for highly trained technicians and through ASE certification allows us to differentiate ourselves and improve our image.

FTR 047: Jim Silverman – Stop Being Ordinary – Here is What it Takes to Become Extraordinary

May 27, 2019

Jim Silverman, Director of National Account at ATI, is outspoken on what it takes to be successful. He says he has the best job in the world and knows what it takes to turn ordinary service professionals into top performers

Technician Productivity Redefined [AW 189]

Dec 23, 2023

Joe Marconi discusses the importance of team collaboration, efficiency, and continuous training in the automotive industry. He highlights the need for effective leadership, a positive company culture, and sound systems and procedures to guide technicians and improve productivity. The conversation also covers the significance of accurate estimating and effective labor rates, the rising costs in various industries, and the importance of a positive and growth mindset in business.

From Zero to Hero: How did Bret Turn His Struggling Family Business Around? [AW 188]

Dec 16, 2023

“40 plus years in business and we had zero money in the bank.”

Bret shares his journey from struggling to successful business owner, emphasizing the importance of seeking outside help and continuous learning. He discusses the transformation of his business into a profitable venture with the help of a coaching company and the implementation of key profit indicators. Brett also highlights the significance of team training and understanding generational differences in the workplace.

From the Classroom to the Shop – The Future of Automotive Education [AW 187]

Dec 9, 2023

Academic chairs Dave Macholz and Vinnie Laverdi, discuss automotive training at the college level. They cover the importance of soft skills in the industry, the role of mentors, and the need for industry professionals to engage with educational institutions. The episode emphasizes the sophistication of the automotive industry, the potential for growth and advancement in automotive careers and the need to incorporate electric vehicle technology into the curriculum.

Give Me 10 Update: Collaboration with Education [AW 186]

Dec 2, 2023

“Give Me 10 Mission: To provide a work-based learning model that any industry can utilize to bridge the skills gap. Combining classroom instruction with on the job work based learning opportunities. This program integrates the classroom with employers to create an introduction to a career path of the student’s choice. 

The program simplifies the relationship between an industry lead business and vocational education that can lead into a career path. We ask for no money. Our “ask” is for your time. Time to integrate a student into your business to create a career fit. It starts with 10 hours and can grow into a new employee. Can you “Give Me Ten?”

Sue Dixon, the creator of the “Give Me Ten” program, discusses the importance of collaboration between the automotive industry and education. The “Give Me Ten” program, which exposes students to the automotive industry and helps them explore potential career paths, is highlighted. The discussion also covers the need for updated curriculums, industry involvement, and the success of the “Give Me Ten” program in providing work-based learning experiences.

Becoming a Shop Owner with Meg Richards [AW 185]

Nov 25, 2023

Carm and Meg discuss the shop’s transition to a four-day workweek to promote work-life balance, the challenges of finding and retaining skilled technicians. Meg shares her experience as a female technician. They also discuss the need to change the perception of the automotive industry and attract more women. The episode concludes with a discussion on succession planning and the shop’s community involvement.

Up Close and Personal with Brett Beachler [AW 184]

Nov 18, 2023

Brett Beachler shares the history of his business, the impact of closing on Saturdays, and the importance of creating a positive work environment. He also discusses the significance of customer trust and his future goals for his business.

Personal Development in Sales Training: Pushing Boundaries for Growth [AW 183]

Nov 11, 2023

Aldo Gomez discusses the significance of self-understanding and acceptance in improving sales performance. Aldo shares his journey from being a service advisor to a sales trainer, emphasizing the importance of practicing presentation scripts and handling customer responses. He also differentiates between coaching for performance and development, highlighting the value of personal growth. Aldo reassures introverted individuals that they can be successful in sales and stresses the importance of a strong work ethic.

Gain Commitment From Your Team: Lead From the Front [AW 182]

Nov 4, 2023

Tom Palermo discusses the importance of continuous training for technicians, the increasing average age of vehicles, and his strategies for fostering a positive company culture and building strong customer relationships. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by electric vehicles and the importance of hands-on training.

Making a Course Correction with Wesley Adams [AW 181]

Oct 28, 2023

Wesley Adams, a shop manager and radio host from Cincinnati shares his experiences in leadership, the importance of course correction in business, and the value of continuous learning. He discusses his mentorship under his boss, Bryan Kauffeld, and the adjustments they made in their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wesley also talks about his recent shift to managing a transmission shop and the importance of intuition and situational awareness in his role.

Succession in Real Life [AW 180]

Oct 21, 2023

Bob Ward discusses the importance of early and thorough succession planning, using real-life examples of both successful and unsuccessful transitions. Bob emphasizes the need for business owners to develop their successors and to consider their employees’ career goals. It’s never too early to start thinking about the future of your business and who might be capable of carrying it forward.

Defining Mentoring and Its Role in Implementing Change [AW 179]

Oct 14, 2023

Gary Gunn discusses how mentoring differs from coaching and how it can benefit shop owners in defining their own success and implementing necessary changes in their businesses. Gary shares his experience as a mentor and offers tools and strategies for shop owners to implement new ideas and overcome challenges. He emphasizes the importance of working on the business and oneself, creating a scoreboard for business performance, and understanding the true cost of doing business. Gary also explains the role of a true mentor and the value of assessments in tailoring mentoring approaches. Carm and Gary believe that mentoring can enhance the value of coaching and help shop owners gain confidence and make informed decisions.

From Idea to Product: Dorman’s Process of Developing Products [AW 178]

Oct 7, 2023

Recorded Live at ASTE 2023, Lester Kovacs, Director of Ideation at Dorman Products, explains Dorman’s unique approach to product development, including working closely with technicians, searching through junkyards for challenges, and conducting extensive testing. He also discusses supply chain issues, reaching out to their network for feedback, and upcoming products at Dorman.

5 Steps to Max Your Potential and Maintain a Healthy Work Life Balance [AW 177]

Sep 30, 2023

Jaron Kleber, National Sales Manager of Repair Shop of Tomorrow, discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and maximizing one’s potential. Jaron explains the negative effects of hitting the snooze button and shares his personal routine for starting the day off right. The conversation then shifts to investing in personal goals and well-being, and the importance of treating employees like family. It’s crucial to take a step back from the daily grind and ask oneself what should be done right, rather than focusing on what is being done wrong.

New Age Employees Require A New Way of Thinking [AW 176]

Sep 23, 2023

Pete McNeil discusses the changing needs of employees in the post-COVID workplace, particularly focusing on Gen Z employees. He talks about the importance of providing a positive customer experience and adapting to the preferences and attention span of Gen Z employees. He also discusses the challenges of hiring and retaining Gen Z employees, including the need for benefits, learning opportunities, and potential pay advantages.

Catching Up with the ‘Car Coach’ Lauren Fix [AW 175]

Sep 16, 2023

‘Car Coach’ Lauren Fix discusses the topic of synthetic fuel, explaining Porsche’s investment in e-fuel as an alternative to electric conversion. Lauren shares her thoughts on EVs and the government’s role in mandating their use. She believes in the freedom of choice when it comes to the type of vehicle one wants to drive, be it electric, hybrid, diesel, or gas.

Lunch and Learn Training: How It’s Done! [AW 174]

Sep 9, 2023

Ryan Baxter, the owner of Modern Auto Service in Fruitland, Idaho, shares his approach to training, including setting aside dedicated time every week and bringing in trainers for technical and personal development. Ryan emphasizes the positive impact training has had on his business and the value of continuous learning.

Who is Your Customer Experience Officer (CXO)? [AW 173]

Sep 2, 2023

Nichole Bennecoff discusses the importance of customer experience in the automotive industry. Nicole shares her company’s focus on customer experience and introduces Taylor, a client success representative who manages communication between clients and the company. Taylor’s responsibilities include monitoring client communication, arranging loaner vehicles, supporting service advisors and providing excellent customer service. Nicole and Carm also touch on setting client expectations, appearance, and the importance of listening to service advisor calls.

Personal Struggles in the Workplace: Lessons from Joe Marconi [AW 172]

Aug 26, 2023

Ever wondered what makes a leader truly great? Joe Marconi discusses the value of being approachable, connecting with your employees on a personal level, asking about their life outside work, and genuinely caring – it all contributes to a positive work environment. Remember, leadership is a constant learning process. Let’s nurture empathy, be open to self-reflection and keep the balance between old school values and new school flexibility.

Acquiring and Transforming a 72 Year Old Business [AW 171]

Aug 19, 2023

Jon Kloosterman, the Director of Operations at West Side Service in Zeeland, discusses their recent acquisition of a business and their approach to training and retention of technicians. The acquired business had been a pillar in the community for 72 years and was ready for a change in ownership. Jon also highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and focusing on the right KPIs in your business.

Real Estate Strategies [AW 170]

Aug 12, 2023

Rick Levitan shares his experience and insights on real estate in the automotive industry. He discusses the importance of developing a strategy when expanding and finding new locations, as well as various methods for finding potential sites. Rick advises against falling in love with a specific location and highlights the option of leasing with an option to buy. He also discusses the role of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and the importance of demographics when considering a new location. Rick emphasizes the need for careful planning, good advisors, and transparency when acquiring a business or property.

Rachel Spencer’s ‘Rachelisms’ for Auto Repair [AW 169]

Aug 5, 2023

What are some of Rachel Spencer’s “Rachelisms?” The Power of Consistency: Rachel emphasizes the importance of consistency and communication in her operations. She believes in creating habits, holding each other accountable, and striving for perfection while acknowledging that mistakes can happen. Customer Communication is Key: Rachel’s approach to customer service is all about overcommunication. You must provide customers with as much information as possible upfront, offering financing options, and sending vehicle health and safety reports via text. Rachel also shares her experiences with recruiting technicians including reaching out to institutes with automotive programs.

Remodel 1 Year Later: See the Transition, See the Difference [AW 168]

Jul 29, 2023

Carm Capriotto visits Scott Felser’s shop to showcase the renovations he made since the last visit. They discuss various changes, including adding a door to the parts room, implementing a four-day workweek, and upgrading facilities like a coffee bar and bathroom. They also highlight the overall design and decorations, with input from Scott’s wife, new security cameras, new phone system, the positive customer feedback, and Scott’s involvement in the “Brakes for Breasts” campaign.

Preparing for Fall 2023 Conferences [AW 167]

Jul 22, 2023

Carm Capriotto discusses upcoming fall conferences the podcast is attending, speaking engagements, and events, including the Brakes for Breasts Campaign. Our website,, now features a Classroom page. It’s a treasure trove of podcast episodes organized into specific topics, perfect for research and team discussions. Stay curious, keep learning, and let’s continue to Advance the Aftermarket.

The Noble Mechanic: Before and After Transformation and Rebranding [AW 166]

Jul 15, 2023

In this episode, Reggie Stewart covers a range of topics from dispatching and business operations to shop renovations. Reggie recently undertook renovations at his shop in Kokomo, Indiana, he modernized the colors and feel of the shop to give it an upscale vibe, with the help of an interior designer. He also discusses the importance of building a positive culture and is currently working on creating job descriptions and manifestos for each position to better define expectations and attract the right people.

Embracing Change: Navigating the Electrification Revolution [AW 165]

Jul 8, 2023

Dave Hobbs discusses the challenges and changes brought about by electrification in the automotive industry. Dave shares his experience with hub bearing failures, the importance of proper charging cables for electric vehicles and the maintenance requirements of EVs. He also discusses the recently launched ASE Safety Certification and the importance of safety in the industry. It’s an exciting time, and by embracing change and staying curious, technicians can ensure their success in this evolving landscape.

New Build in 4 Months: A Look Inside [AW 164]

Jul 1, 2023

A new build in 4 months? How did Bill DeBoer do it?! When his father suggested knocking down an office building and building a shop in its place, Bill didn’t hesitate. He took charge of the project, handled the financing, and oversaw the construction. This podcast episode is filled with insights on fleet management, business strategies, and the importance of having a reliable network of professionals.

Is Hiring a Business Coach Worth It? Dispelling the 5 Excuses Not to Hire One [AW 163]

Jun 24, 2023

Do you find yourself making excuses not to hire a business coach? Tom Sciortino shares his experience with coaching and how it has helped him make changes in his business, resulting in an increase in average ticket and KPIs. He emphasizes the importance of seeking help and not waiting around for things to change, and encourages young people in the industry to seek guidance and coaching. Listen to this episode to learn how coaching can help you identify blind spots, gain a different perspective on your business, and prepare for the future.

Why Much? How Much? Exploring Value Proposition in Auto Repair [AW 162]

Jun 17, 2023

Bill Nalu, Interstate Auto Care in Michigan, shares his “Why Much” philosophy, which advocates for a more nuanced approach to pricing that involves training, coaching, and consultation to understand the context of each customer’s needs and provide a personalized value proposition.

How Can Professionalism Improve the Automotive Industry? [AW 161]

Jun 10, 2023

Mac Akram, the owner of Mack’s Complete Auto Repair in Chandler, Arizona, discusses the importance of professionalism in the automotive industry, including keeping the shop clean and organized and using digital vehicle inspections to provide better service. Mac believes that raising the standards of the industry is crucial to gaining the trust of customers. Mac also encourages shop owners to invest in training for their technicians.

Personalized Customer Service and Marketing Strategies [AW 160]

Jun 3, 2023

If you’re in the automotive industry, you know it’s not just about fixing cars; it’s about providing exceptional customer service, too. Leigh Anne Best and Bill Hill, owners of Mighty Auto Pro, discuss their marketing strategies that have helped attract and retain customers. They’ve created a customer-friendly environment, providing loaner vehicles, shuttle services, and free towing up to $50.

But it’s not just about the extras. Mighty Auto Pro also emphasizes continuous learning and growth, requiring a minimum of 40 hours of training per year for their technicians. They encourage their employees to pursue their interests and hobbies, even if they are not related to auto repair. This culture of training has grown beyond anything Leigh Anne and Bill could have imagined, with technicians pushing each other to attend classes and improve their skills.

So, what can you learn from Mighty Auto Pro’s marketing strategy? Personalization, exceptional customer service, and a culture of continuous learning and growth can go a long way in retaining and attracting customers. Make everything effortless for the customer, and they’ll keep coming back.

The Rise and Fall and the Rise Again of the Electric Vehicle [AW 159]

May 27, 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a hot topic in the automotive industry and for good reason. They offer numerous benefits, such as reducing emissions and improving fuel economy, but they also present some challenges, including a lack of infrastructure and range anxiety. Pete Meier shares his perspective on the impact of EVs on the industry and offers some insights into their history and future. His message is one of encouragement and reassurance, emphasizing that technicians have risen to the challenge of the rapidly changing industry.

The Importance of Self-Reflection and Self-Improvement in Business [AW 158]

May 20, 2023

John Ferguson, the owner of Domestic Diesel and Auto Service, shares his experience as a former dealer technician for Ford and how he started his own business. He talks about the challenges of finding the right team to support him and how he sought the help of industry experts to become a better leader and marketer. The episode also includes a video tour of John’s shop, where he specializes in Ford and GM diesel vehicles.

Navigating Family Dynamics in Business Ownership [AW 157]

May 13, 2023

Tatsu Tsuchida discusses his experience transitioning from a Japanese-only shop to an all-makes and all-models shop, his marketing strategy, and his experience taking over an existing business. He also discusses the challenges of owning a family business and the importance of having an exit strategy. The episode also includes a tour of Tsuchida’s second location.

Revving Up Car Care: Inside Look at Rad Air Complete Car Care [AW 156]

May 6, 2023

5 Secrets to a Successful Automotive Shop. Efficient Layout, Comprehensive Services, Honesty and Openness, Strong Company Culture and Attention to Client Service. Rad Air’s waiting area is a cut above the rest. With a fireplace, high tables for laptops, and free wifi and refreshments for customers, they ensure their client that theyare comfortable while waiting. They understand that client service is just as important as the repair itself, and they do everything they can to make the client experience a positive one.

Toxic Cultures, Leaders and Team Members [AW 155]

Apr 29, 2023

As leaders, we all know that culture is important, but how often do we take the time to really analyze and shape it? Culture is the company’s personality, starting with the leadership team. Michael Smith discusses the significance of culture and offers advice on how to become a better leader. However, toxic culture can hold a company back. Michael advises leaders to identify toxic elements and people in their company and take action to eliminate them. He emphasizes that leaders must be held accountable for the core values and purpose of the company, and they must take action to ensure that the company’s culture aligns with these values.

Consistency and Common Sense Trumps Trendiness [AW 154]

Apr 22, 2023

Andy Bizub emphasizes the importance of common sense and listening in the automotive industry. It’s essential to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things while maintaining consistent business practices and providing real value to employees. By listening to employees and encouraging them to share their thoughts and insights, businesses can thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving industry.

Closed All 10 Locations for Company Summit [AW 153]

Apr 15, 2023

Matt Lachowitzer shares his strategy for keeping his team engaged and communicative, including shutting down his business for three days to hold a company meeting. The meeting focused on differentiation, engagement, and culture and included a keynote speaker and team-building activities. The episode highlights Matt’s commitment to creating a fun, engaging workplace culture that fosters collaboration and growth.

Unlock the Power of Indeed Resume to Find Technicians Faster [AW 152]

Apr 8, 2023

Chris Lawson provides insights on using Indeed’s applicant tracking system effectively and recommends using social media to showcase your company’s values and culture to attract top talent. Chris also discusses the importance of personal connections and using proven methods to find the right technicians.

Where is Car Count Heading? Catching Up with Greg Bunch [AW 151]

Apr 1, 2023

Catching up with Greg Bunch, President of Transformers Institute, on his perspective on the pulse of our industry with car count, customer service, coaching, and what a top-tier CEO should be focusing on.

Newly Purchased ADAS Calibration Equipment [AW 150]

Mar 25, 2023

Get a behind-the-scenes look at shop owner Tom Sciortino’s new ADAS unit. Find out why he waited until now to purchase it, the learning curve with service information, why it is important to educate both the customers and local shops, and a step-by-step guide to how it works.

Delivering Amazing Customer Experience is Taught, Not Assumed [AW 149]

Mar 18, 2023

How do you create an amazing customer experience in your business? Guess what? No one is born with those skills, but your employees are can turn talent into a skill with proper training.

Internal Company App Gets the Word Out [AW 148]

Mar 11, 2023

Communication is full of opportunities and challenges. How do you effectively communicate with everyone in your business, especially if you’re a multi-shop owner? Bill Snow discusses their own internal app and why it is critical in their business.

Survey Says: Stress Level, Why Reject a Technician Application, Health Insurance and More! [AW 147]

Mar 4, 2023

On Record with Tom Ham from the Automotive Management Network. Tom discusses a recent survey from his website about the stress level at work, reasons why someone would reject a technician application, health insurance and more! These results may surprise you!

4 Day Work Week and Our Own App [AW 146]

Feb 25, 2023

Erich and Lauralee Schmidt went to a 4 day work week during COVID and haven’t looked back. They also have an app for their shop with benefits to customers.

An Update: Mobile Diag and Training [AW 145]

Feb 18, 2023

Insights to the Vision Hi-Tech & Expo Class “Which Scan Tool Should I Buy?” Saturday, March 4th 8:45 am-11:45 am with Scott Shotton, Scot Manna, Tanner Brandt, Keith Perkins, and Sean Tipping.